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Industrial Roof

A Guide on Rooftop Safety Hazards and How to Prevent Accidents on Your Roof

Industrial rooftops can be crowded areas. Many contain a multitude of plants, equipment, structures, and systems, all of which need to be maintained and repaired regularly.

Falls from height are still one of the biggest causes of workplace fatalities in the Middle East. More often than not falls from height occur because of non-compliance with work at height regulations, inadequate equipment, or lack of training, not because of equipment failure.

If you’re an employer, building owner, facilities manager, contractor or are responsible for the safety at your premises, you have a duty to protect people working at height on the roof. 

In our Rooftop Safety Whitepaper, we explain what areas on the roof present the greatest risk and how having a fall protection safety plan, which follows the hierarchy of fall protection control, will help you to protect your workers and contractors from injury, and your company from risk.


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Rooftop Safety Whitepaper

Protecting Your Employees and Company Property

Falls from height are avoidable. Before any work is carried out on your roof, you must always carry out a through roof top risk assessment to identify the hazards and where workers are exposed to the greatest risk. 

Our Rooftop Safety Whitepaper explains what safety hazards could be on your roof and how to protect your workers from serious injury or a fatality, and how to protect your company from risk.

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