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Rooftop Openings

Skylights and rooflights are considered to be a hole in the rooftop and all rooftop openings should be a serious risk concern. We’ll help you guard every roof hole with a rooflight cover or a standard railing on all exposed sides.




Roof Openings

Identify the Holes in Your Safety Procedures

Openings are the most often overlooked hazards, so they are extremely critical to protect. A worker moving across the middle of the roof has a false sense of security when working far from the roof edge. If workers are carrying equipment, or focused on the job at hand, it is easy to misstep and fall through an opening. We’ll work closely with you to complete a fall protection assessment so you can ensure everyone is as safe as possible. 

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Section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, requires that each employer furnish to each of its employees a workplace that is free from recognized hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm.
OSHA General Duty Clause

Safety Solutions for Rooftop Openings

Kee Cover Fragile Roof Light Cover

Kee Cover® Rooflight Fall Protection

A range of fragile rooflight covers designed specifically for metal profile roofs. The rooflight is protected by a strong mesh panel that sits on a sturdy metal frame. The protection is then fixed to the trapezoidal roof or clamped to the standing seam without penetrating either the roof or skylight.

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KS KDO 2987 Medium

Kee Dome® Skylight Railing

Kee Dome is a collective, free-standing, fall-protection solution for use around skylights and dome lights. The system removes the risk of damage to the roof membrane.

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2B Min

Kee Gate® Self-Closing Safety Gates

Provide permanent hazard protection for external and internal access applications. Spring loaded to automatically close behind the user, Kee Gate maintains a safe environment and reduces the possibility for human error.

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Schedule a Rooftop Assessment

Safety solutions in the workplace

See how our safety specialists created a comprehensive rooftop solution for our client.

Standards & Regulations

OSHA Code: 1910.28(b)(3)(iv)

Each employee is protected from falling into a ladderway floor hole or ladderway platform hole by a guardrail system and toeboards erected on all exposed sides, except at the entrance to the hole, where a self-closing gate or an offset must be used.

ANSI Code: A1264.1-2007

Safety Requirements for areas where danger exists of persons or objects falling through floor or wall openings, platforms, runways, ramps and fixed stairs, in normal, temporary, and emergency conditions. Applies to industrial and workplace situations.

European Directive 89/391/EEC

The European Directive 89/391/EEC - OSH "Framework Directive" was introduced to allow member states to introduce legislation in relation to Health & Safety when working at height.

UK Work at Height Regulations

The UK Work at Height Regulations 2005 requires all those that have a duty of care to ensure that work at height is carried out safely. Solutions need to be suitable and sufficient to ensure the prevention of both persons and objects from falling.

Roof Safety Site Survey

How We Access Risk on Your Roof

As fall protection experts, we can perform a critical analysis on your rooftop to identify the hazards where your workers are exposed to the greatest risk. This ensures that the most dangerous areas are protected immediately with state-of-the-art systems and EN and OSHA compliant solutions.

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Process Overview

Site Survey

Your rooftop assessment.

Survey Evaluation Report

Recognise the hazards.

Professional Installation

Network of certified installers in India.

System Certification

Ensure compliance.

Follow-Up Inspection

Exceed regulatory requirements.

Standard and Extended Warranty

Protect and maintain safety.

The Hierarchy of Fall Protection

The Hierarchy of Fall Protection

A truly comprehensive rooftop solution follows the Hierarchy of Fall Protection. An expert starts by inspecting the roof site for potential fall hazards. From there, a complete system solution and recommendations are created that descend down the four levels of the hierarchy, from simple, sensible approaches for eliminating risks all the way down to lifesaving personal protection systems. 

Collective Fall Protection Systems require no additional training to use. Work Restraint and Fall Arrest Systems both require a high level of user competency, training and additional inspection to be used properly. 

The Hierarchy of Fall Protection
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