Kee Safety Kee Safety is a leading global supplier of fall protection and safe access products, services and training.

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Testing Innovation

We have a unique, world-class testing facility that is used to test our products to international standards.

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Reach for the highest standards

Testing reduces the likelihood of both product failure and recall. We test all our products and have them tested by a third party. We also have a proper facility to put each product through its paces in a systematic way. Testing is not a secondary issue for us – it protects the users, the buyers and us. It gives us confidence that our products are backed by more than words.  

Standards testing is global in focus. We want our products to be safe for use just about anywhere. That’s why technical outputs are examined and inspected by a competent team of professionals, led by a certified engineer. We also test products that come in via acquisition.   

Top Tier Testing Facility

Kee Safety has constructed one of the world's leading facilities for the testing of fall protection and safe access products. Our tools are often better than what you would find in third-party testing facilities.

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7m Drop Testing Tower

The bespoke drop tower in the Kee Safety testing facility is second to none. Designed by experienced testing engineers, this structure can drop weights of up to 300 kilos with a freefall of up to 7 meters.

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Static Testing Rig

Static testing is another important part of our regime. Our winch and testing rig can test loads exceeding 30kN.

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In-Depth Measurment

Sophisticated measuring equipment, like this HBM QuantumX data acquisition system, allows us to measure our test results up to 4,800 points per second.

Collaboration with Third Party Organizations

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Never Satisfied with Generic Testing

At Kee Safety our dedication to proper testing drives us to replicate "in the field" and "as-built" roofs in our facility.  Testing on a copper roof required that we bring in outside installers to build the mockups where our system would be tested.  Our systems have been performed on dozens of structures such as this to ensure that we provide the highest level of safety to the people who are using our products. 

Testing at Work

This is a static test that was done on a roof sheet to understand at what point the roof would begin to deform. Our tests ensure that the product will perform properly on an exact surface.

100Kg Dynamic

Data is Not Enough

Our team does not stop at simply recording the data.  After testing we analyse data in advanced models that tell us how the product will perform in other extreme circumstances.  We don't just record, we go deeper with analysis to ensure a safer product for everyone.