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Kee Pivot® Gate for Safety Transfer of Material to Mezzanine

Aspen is one of the UK’s leading interior fit-out companies, with an outstanding reputation for quality, reliability and workmanship.

Aspen's facility features a mezzanine for storage of completed products.



  • Customer needed to transfer completed stock to their upper mezzanine.
  • A chain was previously used to act as fall protection, but this is neither safe or compliant.
  • Customer has large 3m wide and 2m tall pallets to move, too large for a standard pallet gate.

Kee Safety has a wide range of Kee Pivot® Mezzanine Safety Gates including large width and height models.

Aspen Concepts, West Midlands facility


  • The Kee Pivot® Safety Gate allows the safe transfer of large product onto the mezzanine.
  • The gate was in stock. The immediate product availability meant the customer could resolve their safety concerns quickly.
KS KGA 2258 Large

Raising the bar of safety

Moving pallets around factories and warehouses can cause several safety issues. When a worker needs to load and unload pallets on mezzanine floors, they could end up falling from a height. Kee Pivot® mezzanine safety gates eliminate this safety issue. A simple solution that results in employees always being separated from the hazard.
Mezzanine Pallet Gate