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Fall Protection Lifeline for Maintenance of Automated Train System at PHX

The Sky Train automated train in Phoenix, Arizona, USA has a unique location, 30m (100ft) above an active airport taxiway.  This is the first of its kind. There is a requirement for fall protection to be in place to protect workers while the Sky Train track and switches are being maintained.

This KeeLine horizontal lifeline system will be the largest and longest sold to date in North America by Kee Safety at 4,572m (15,000 LF).

This Kee Line system will be one of the largest and longest sold to date in North America


  • Tight Deadline: The PHX Sky Train had to be up and running with fall protection systems in place quickly from the start of the project to minimize passenger disruptions.
  • Product Replacement: an obsolete competitor system was currently in place and needed to be removed. 
  • Minimize Operational Downtime: Kee Line Horizontal Lifeline needed to be quickly deployed and operational so there is limited downtime if the people-mover tracks require maintenance.
This extended installation would add another six miles of Horizontal Lifeline over the next five years

Delivering Value

  • Availability: Immediate product availability kept the project deadline intact
  • Project Management: Our ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams and provide immediate customer service gave the entire partnership peace of mind.
  • Reliable Partner: Unlike the discontinued competitor system that was replaced, KeeLine Horizontal Lifeline will be installed in future Sky Train extensions, eliminating the concern for fall protection on the expansion project.
Kee Line Lifeline Fall Protection

Kee Line Horizontal Lifeline

Freedom to Work. Securely Attached. The Kee Line® horizontal lifeline system is designed to provide workers with freedom of movement on the rooftop while securely attached to the lifeline at all times.

Kee Line Horizontal Lifeline

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