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Transportation Industry Fall Protection

Protect Workers from the Hazards of Working Around Trucks and Railcars

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Employ Critical Safety Measures

Workers frequently need to board flatbed trailers or railcars to secure the cargo, or to remove tarps and other securing items before unloading.

Without adequate fall protection, they are at risk of serious injury or death in the event of a misstep or other accident.

As an example, for trains on routes electrified with overhead lines, the pantograph, or “pan” on the locomotive roof is held up with compressed air pressure.

The apparatus requires periodic preventative maintenance, some of which can only be done on the locomotive roof. For this situation, if the worker can access the roof near the pan and does not need access to the rest of the roof, an inexpensive single-point anchor with a self-retracting lifeline (SRL) might be the only fall arrest system needed.

Safety Products for the Transportation Industry

KS KTR 4274 Medium

Rigid Rail Fall Protection

Kee Track

Mobile Work Platforms

Mobile Kee Platform
KS KKL 702

Safety Railing Systems

Kee Klamp
Kee Line Lifeline

Lifeline Fall Protection System

Kee Line

Transport Industry Case Studies